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Client Reviews

Awesome attorney who made a difficult situation easy to understand in my terms. Recommend him to anyone seeking honest and intelligent guidance.

John A.

I have not used Mr. Vrba's services (yet) but I give him 5 stars for being responsive and for being upfront and honest about his fees and what he could do for my case. I have spoken with many attorneys these past 4 years on an unrelated probate matter and for the most part I've found attorney consultations to either be expensive and long winded or free consultations to be curt and vague (ie they don't want to give you any advice for free). Mr. Vrba was reassuring, direct and to the point. If I am unable to work my traffic citation out directly with the court I look forward to using his services!

Nicole M.

Glynn was quick and to the point with us, and handled our case well. It ended up being dismissed which is a relief. He's reliable, and will get the job done. I'd recommend him to anyone who needs it.

Mary M.

Rudy was great! I called him with a question about a traffic ticket I got, and he called me back within a minute! Super helpful and knowledgeable , presented me with all my available options in a clear manner. He helped me choose the option that was best for me in the long term and frugal. Couldn't recommend him more.

Mathew K.

Not your average Dallas attorney. After calling a bunch of attorneys who were double the price and told me I would have to wait at least a month, he told me he had the time and would go over the details at the office. I called him back the next day, a few hours before my appointment, for a question about the case he had already printed out what I needed before we met! He has a calm and controlled demeanor, he leveled with my children and I very quickly. He was honest with my options and advised the cheapest route. It was the first time a lawyers office felt GENUINELY friendly. The appointment was short because he had everything prepared. I ended up leaving my paper work in his office and since he knew they were important, I didn't have time to go back, he offered to bring them to me, which he did!!!! Over all, great attorney, great guy.

Terra P.

Mr. Vrba is an outstanding attorney who assisted with how to handle an NTTA complaint. I spoke with him personally and he called me immediately. I hope to use him again in the future.

Todd H.

Mr Vrba has represented me on a speeding ticket from an officer who is notorious for being unscrupulous. Normally I would just pay the fine and be done, but Mr Vrba used his expertise and knowledge to get the ticket thrown out based on the circumstances. He knows his stuff and uses his resources. I'd highly recommend him to anyone!

Evy H.

Called about a traffic ticket issue. He gave me good advice and told me I didn't need to hire an attorney. I appreciate the honesty. It says a lot.

Jeff F.

Glynn has helped me on a couple business cases. He was able to achieve the desired results both times. He's reasonable and well rounded. I understand his specialty is criminal law, but he is very well qualified in other areas as well.

Herb N.

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