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Whether you have been charged with a simple assault, aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon, or assault family violence you should consult with an attorney immediately. People charged with an assault will often be served with an Emergency Protective Order, or EPO, that prohibits them from going to certain locations, contacting certain people, or going within a specified distance of those people.

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A violation of this protective order is a separate criminal offense and can occur with as little as a text message. The protective order can prevent a person accused of assault from returning to their own home. If you or someone you know has been arrested for assault, an immediate consult with an attorney can greatly help to understand what conduct is allowed or prohibited immediately following an arrest for assault.

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As with other crimes, the ramifications of an Assault conviction can stick with you for life. If you or someone you know is charged with assault it is important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible to help protect your record. The way in which your case is resolved will also affect your right to an expunction or ability to seal your record. You cannot expunge a Deferred Adjudication.

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Glynn was quick and to the point with us, and handled our case well. It ended up being dismissed which is a relief. He's reliable, and will get the job done. I'd recommend him to anyone who needs it.

Mary M.

Rudy was great! I called him with a question about a traffic ticket I got, and he called me back within a minute! Super helpful and knowledgeable , presented me with all my available options in a clear manner. He helped me choose the option that was best for me in the long term and frugal. Couldn't...

Mathew K.

Mr. Vrba is an outstanding attorney who assisted with how to handle an NTTA complaint. I spoke with him personally and he called me immediately. I hope to use him again in the future.

Todd H.

Mr Vrba has represented me on a speeding ticket from an officer who is notorious for being unscrupulous. Normally I would just pay the fine and be done, but Mr Vrba used his expertise and knowledge to get the ticket thrown out based on the circumstances. He knows his stuff and uses his resources...

Evy H.

Called about a traffic ticket issue. He gave me good advice and told me I didn't need to hire an attorney. I appreciate the honesty. It says a lot.

Jeff F.

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